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Is Ganoderma a medicine ?

No, it is not a medicine or drug. It is a food supplement with therapeutic values.

Can Ganoderma cure all
diseases ?

Ganoderma does NOT cure any ailment directly. It improves the health of the body..

Consumer Feedback

I am feeling good in all health aspects by consuming dxn products. Health is the more important one for a better living.

DXN is a boon of that kind. Start with and gain with dxn. Bye.

We offer a unique range of Services with strong Professional back-up and Intensive Field Research experience. The salient features are listed below:

Counseling by qualified Medical Practitioners and Specialists.

Guidance for Dosage and Consumption Schedule.

Continuous monitoring of Patients by Panel Doctors.

Long-term professional support to Patients, with Data base.

Supply of Genuine products of DXN.

Door Delivery of DXN products all over India.

Comfort of On-Line ordering & Payment facility.

Consumer Education, Product Clarifications & Guidance.

Internet based Video Conference facilities for Consultations.

Customized ‘Counselling’ for Prevention of Health problems.

Overseas Consumers: Complete guidance, information and support services

on product availability / product education.

In short, we offer Single Window solutions for Total Health.

Your search for authentic support for health related problems is over. Come and experience the art of Healthy living, through DXN.

Send your queries on health / diseases to: immediately.


DXN Products For Diseases

DXN-India is dedicated to this cause of giving healing-touch to the needy-consumers, who are suffering from a wide range of sickness including,



BP (Hyper Tension)

Heart Diseases (CHD)





Harmone Problems

DXN Products For Diseases

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I am feeling good in all health aspects by consuming dxn products. Health is the more important one for